Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Medical Emergency!!

Today saw the return to school & kindy for Sasha & Nikita. However, yesterday (Monday) Nikita still had her dance lesson in the morning. David had a training course to attend, so he took the car & Sasha, Nikita & I planned to walk to dancing as the weather has finally turned spring-like.

So anyway, David headed off nice & early, and Sasha, Nikita & I were making good progress to being ready with plenty of time to walk to dancing. We were down to our last 10 minutes where I was doing up their hair. I did Sasha's hair & then asked Nikita to come & stand in front of me. And she didn't, and she wouldn't. We have ongoing issues where she just doesn't do what she's told, for whatever ingenious excuse she manages to come up with. It gets REALLY irritating, I can tell you.

Anyway, as I turned to her in exasperation, and again told her to get OFF THE COUCH and COME & STAND IN FRONT OF ME!!!! I noticed her eyes welling up with tears, and a bit of a blocked up, choked up look on her face. With little more clue than having seen her playing with a craft puppet (that she'd made a day earlier) about half an hour ago, I asked her "did you put one of those eyes up your nose?". She nodded - it was one of those jiggly, boggly craft eyes. I have no idea how I knew what she'd done. I have even less idea WHY she'd do it.

But anyway, it was up there, so far gone you couldn't even see it. I got Sasha to get her some tissues & went about blocking the other nostril & trying to get her to blow it out. We tried this for about 5 minutes. Still no sign of it apart from a bit of blood, and a whole lotta tears & distress from Nikita.

So I hummed & haaa-ed in my head about the best possible solution. The walk to the doctor's surgery (right across the road from dancing) was a good 20 minutes, probably even more with a craft eye stuck up your right nostril. I didn't really think the exercise was a good option as it may have caused it to get sucked further in.

In the end I rang a friend (thanks Sam!!) to see if she could help out with a lift to the Doctor's, which she could. She had to get someone to come & look after her kids as we wouldn't all fit in the car. In the meantime I rang the Doctor's surgery to see if they would be happy to have a go at retrieving it - they put me on hold to talk to the doctor.

Whilst I was on hold, Nikita started sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. I thought this is our chance, and blocked her other nostril again & got her to BLOW!!!! and out popped the eye. The receptionist came back on the phone & I told her it was okay, it was out. Then I rang Sam back. Did Nikita's hair & walked to dancing. We were only a couple of minutes late.

Once again I'm thankful that, thus far in life, I'm pretty level-headed when it comes to emergencies. There's been numerous relatively severe choking incidents with the girls. And this is not the first time one of the girls has stuck something up their nose. The last memorable time was on the freeway & I think it was a bead that time.

But, really, I just don't understand... ...WHY?????


Belinda Nicholls said...

oh dear!!! Well I'm glad it came out. These are the stories to bring out on her 18th birthday.

Teresa said...

I don't think I can answer why - this very thing happened to me, aged 6, I hid behind the couch and put a ball bearing up my nose. Kids eh? LOL
Anyway, just dropping in to thank you for participating in the Twiddleybitz blog hop, and especially for the lovely comment on my blog.