Wednesday, July 22, 2009


David headed offshore this morning at 5.00am or some such time. The girls got into bed with me after waving him off at the front door - this is becoming something of a tradition.

After I got out the shower a bit later on, I was greeted with an excited Nikita who had found a love note from Daddy. Sasha couldn't find one (I think she hadn't vacated her bedroom in time for him to hide one), so she was a bit down in the mouth.

Nikita, being the amazing sharing kind person she is suggested that they change the letter to add Sasha's name. ♥♥♥ How sweet!!

This is what I found on my desk....

Now the grammar isn't fantastic, but the thought behind it is. It made me smile this morning.

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:) Tiff said...

Hiya D. your post just popped up in FB. 5 mins ago. so that was a 7.5 hour delay or thereabouts.

just letting you know that its all up and running.

I hope I have 'fixed' up my fluff up.

let me know if you see anything on fb that links back.

cheers chick